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Santa's Kottage is an in-school holiday shopping program brought to you by Tribout Distributors. Santa's Kottage is designed to enable young shopppers to select their own special holiday gifts for their family and friends. The kids delight in the idea of buying a "secret gift" and surprsing their loved ones during the holiday season.


Since Santa's Kottage is set up at schools and supervised by local parents, the atmostpehere is warm, familiar, and non-commercial. Yet, it is exciting to every young shopper because they are really buying their own gifts, while learning to compare and budget their funds.


Our Santa's Kottage program is unique because each school's order is individually customized to fit the needs of your school. If you wish you may purchase our gift items to supplement your own program.



  • Checkout made easy.

  • Choose between 3 different profit percentages. 

  • No counting merchandise before or after event.

  • Instant invoicing - easily calculate your invoice online. 

  • Live customer support- we are just a phone call away. 

  • Scanners allow for more detailed merchandise info, helping to customize your future orders.

Everyone loves our Santa's Kottage program!

Students love it... They get to pick their own gifts for their family and friends.


Parents love it... They know their children are shopping in a safe environment.


Teachers love it... The program is educational. Children learn how to budget their money and choose their gifts wisely.

What do our customers say about Santa's Kottage?

"The parents who ran the Kottage loved the scanner system. We especially loved that we didn't have to count the leftovers. It seemed to work very well and made the entire process run more smoothly. " - Nancy

"You guys make everything so easy and turnkey. It is such a joy to watch the kids shop and make their lists and then come in and purchase. It really is special that they are learning the gift of sharing and giving." - Renee

"I thought it was flawless! You guys do an amazing job of sending great gifts." - Angie


When choosing to participate in Santa's Kottage, you can rely on...


  • Gifts are between 90 cents and $7.00.

  • ALL merchandise is on consignment.

  • Completely Risk-Free.

  • Free Delivery and Pick up (minimums required)

  • Free gift bags

  • Free Santa's Kottage Envelopes

  • Free tablecloths 

  • Santa Kottage guidelines

  • Free chairman survival kit.

  • No hidden costs.

  • Easy to run!

  • Full Service available within 75 mile radius.